Customised Training Programs


We can design a workout program to match your goals.  


Do you want to lose weight?  Build a winning stage physique? Get healthy?  Gain muscle?  Shred for summer? Get toned?  Work toward sport specific goals?  Perhaps a combination of the above?


After discussing your goals we will work with you to select the most apropriate exercises to get you to your dream body.  An effective and flexible program structured to your needs.


To reduce risk of injury we cover areas such as strength imbalances, to mobility/ stability risks, as well as posture and flexibility issues.


Everybody is different which is why we do not believe in cookie cutter type programs.  Your personalised program will be tailor made with all aspects of training covered: frequency, internsity, volume, exercise selection and progressions.


This means your workout will have purpose and each session you will be working toward moulding the body of your dreams. 


We follow up with all of our clients to ensure progress is efficient and tweak if necessary.


Less plateauxing and more achieving!