A little bit of history...


Leisuredome Gym first opened it's doors in 1985 and has been up and running for over 30 years.


Leisuredome Gym is based in Beverly Hills, Sydney, Australia and remains one of the very few real gyms Sydney has to offer.  This means that we are service oriented and delight in helping our club members.  We are not a fitness centre and our clients are not just numbers.   Our members are like our family.


Management has changed hands just 3 times in all these years, with current owner Natural Bodybuilder PRO Sasho Ognenovski very excited to continue opening the doors to hundreds of members every week.  


Since inception we have been the place to go to for people wanting real change.  We pride ourdelves on the service that we provide and really do help our members because we want to.   We are humbled by the fact that many are still with us to this day.


We are happy to have inspired so many members that have transformed their bodies and in turn their lives.  Our transformations are real and they happen on a daily basis. 


When joining Leisuredome you can be assured that we will help you acheive your goals.  Offering advice and assistance is a pleasure for us and all part of the service.


Leisuredome Gym

Our Community

One Family