About Us



We offer one on one sessions to both members and non members at Leisuredome.


We have male and female Personal Trainers who are happy to discuss your goals and start you on your journey.


If you have no idea where to start, or how to achieve your personal goals, then speak to our trainers for more information.



  • Weight training increases muscle mass which helps you to burn fat.

  • By incorporating resistance training, you can change the shape of your body which helps you to look good and feel fantastic!

  • Weight training is great for men and women of all ages and will always be advantageous.  

  • Helps protect joints, bones and back.

  • Good for your heart!  


If you do not know anything about weight training, don't worry, we will help you!


Get your own transformation underway NOW!



Specifically devised for clients wishing to lose weight, change shape, increase muscle, get fit and getting pre baby body back!


We specialise in competition preparation for bodybuilding, fitness and figure and organise a detailed plan to get athletes on stage looking their best.


Included in initial consultation is fitness assessment and lifestyle analysis.


Your goals will be discussed and we will tailor make a plan to acheive these!


Bookings essential.

We are firm believers that weight training is immensely beneficial to your health.  This is why we aim to educate our clients in what works best for them.


Get your body looking sharp without delay.  We will motivate you, guide you and give you someone to be accountable to.  The benefits of being a member are endless.  We are a very unique facility and service ois on the top of our list of priorities.  It is amazing what you can achieve in a positive environment.


If you need help in the gym, you can ask us. We will do our best to make your training session a great one!