Our main priority is to provide you with the tools to acheive your goal. We at Leisuredome are here to get you from A to B! 


Our front desk personnel can help you at any time and it is always our pleasure to assist you with questions, show you how to use the equipment, how to perform the exercises, as well as lending a hand to spot.


Our Personal Trainers are available to motivate you and push you through challenging workouts. 


If you need a personalised meal plan or training program to facilitate the process, Sasho can design one just for you!


We are the leaders in competition preparation and are proud to present outstanding physiques on stage each and time.





We offer one on one sessions to both members and non members at the dome.


We have male and female Personal Trainers and they are happy to discuss your goals and start you on your journey.


If you have no idea where to start, or how to achieve your personal goals, then speak to our trainers for more informtion.




Let our experienced and qualified staff guide you to your best ever body.


Whether it is for summer, fitness,  competition, post baby, health reasons or simply the desire to change and be the ultimate version of you we can help!


We have helped hundreds of clients acheive what they thought was impossible.  It is incredible what can happen in the right hands.


Take a look at some of our before & afters



We can design a tailor made meal plan to assist you to reach your goals.


Taking into account where you are at now and where you want to be, we can even organise it to a timeline.


Personal or competitive goals, we can help you get there.  Our plans work. Simple.  We look forward to helping you also.  Book for a consult and you will not be discappointed.



Our team can create a custom training program for you relevant to your needs.


Whether it be putting on muscle, dropping body fat, sports performance, pre competition or simply a desire to get fit then we can design one to give you what you are after.



We are known for preparing high quality competitors in second to none condition.


Sasho and Paula will ensure you have the tools and guidance you need to get from where you are to where you need to be in your best condition.  We provide training programs, meal plans, monitoring, peak week monitoring, assist with posing, organise costumes and tanning.


Our clients are well looked after, and have provided us with testimonials about their positive experiences.