Our Trainers


Our qualified trainers are available for one on one Personal Training sessions.


We all specialise in certain aspects of body transformations with our information found below.

Sasho Ognenovski
Musclemania Professional Bodybuilder
Lifetime Natural Athlete


Sasho has been lifting weights since he was 14.  He started competitive natural bodybuilding at 16 and has never looked back.


Having attained his Professional status, he enjoys nothing more than encouraging members to be the best version of themselves.


Sasho is one of Sydney's most sought after Personal Trainer and clients come from all over to consult with him about diet and training programs.


He is personally continually striving to educate people in the benefits of being a natural athlete and practices what he preaches.


You can visit Sasho's personal website here: www.sashoognenovski.com

Paula Ponce
Natural Figure Champion
Body Transformation Specialist



Paula has a background in gymnastics which influenced her decision to continue along the health and fitness path.


Her credentials include a BA Science in Sport and is wholeheartedly driven to help women become the best versions of themselves possible.


She is passionate about helping women change their lives through prioritising their own health.  She has helped women transform their bodies, lifestyle and inner happiness.


You will see her at Leisuredome guiding clients, personal training, encouraging beginners and pushing athletes to their limits.


Paula shares her knowledge among the members because she is so passionate about women living to their full potential.  


John 'the hulk' De Vega
Personal Trainer
Natural Bodybuilding Champion



John has been training for many years and has been a member of Leisuredome Gym for over 10 years.


He is a Personal Trainer and lives a healthy lifestyle.  He has a background in natural bodybuilding and knows what it takes to get into top shape.

John specialises in hypertrophy training, strength training and fat loss.

John is committed to helping his clients achieve their goals. 

John will motivate and push you through your sessions, and assist you in getting to your goal sooner.


John is at Leisuredome Gym all the time training himself and others.  If you want to train with John please let him know.