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Sasho is regarded as one of the leading Natural Bodybuilding Contest Prep Coaches who has produced countless champions! We are extremely happy to have had so many amazing athletes represent our brand in absolutely amazing condition. Our knowledge and experience in this field is unparalleled as well as our clients' highest praises.

In the hands of Sasho Ognenovski, Natural World Professional Bodybuilder, you will no doubt be prepared, ready to compete and in the best condition of your life on stage. Each athlete has a different journey to get there and Sasho designs tailor made programs for each and every one of them.

Diet plans and training programs are customised; regular follow ups with adjustments of plans are scheduled to ensure you are on track; personal coaching as well as participant posing and Q&A workshops are just a few things you receive when you are guided by us.

Peak week is a day by day interaction to get you in the best condition and come stage day we are proud to accompany our athletes to ensure they are looked after on the day.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned competitor, Sasho will work with you to get you in the best shape, ensure you have confident stage presence, guide you through the compulsory components of competition (posing /routines etc) and answer any questions you may have.

Sasho's Supernaturals is more than a team. We are family. It feels SUPER to be a part of our team!

Success Stories

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