What our clients have to say about staff at Leisuredome





I couldn't be happier. You are punctual, reliable, time efficient. I feel that you really optimize our  sessions . I feel I am able to ask questions on a broad spectrum of topics, any time as you always make time to answer You're a wonderful lady and your commitment to the gym is infectious . I love that you really dedicate yourself to your client 100% , during their session. You're flexible , easy going , positive and always give positive reinforcement 5 star rating xxxxx




I was introduced to you by Ari (Leisuredome Gym member) who spoke highly of you and Sash. Meeting you was one of the best things that could have happened. I came to you without knowing a single thing about training or eating healthy and I remember all I wanted to do was tone up but didn't want to be on a diet. You asked me what i wanted to achieve from this. You took time to explain things to me and why I was doing it. You believed in me when I didn't. You pushed me to my limits, encouraged me, supported me, listened to me, guided me and most of all become a great friend to me. You helped me push through. You would check up on me.

You are an amazing trainer, very educated and very passionate about what you do and you can see that through your clients.  I would have to rate you out of a 5 star rating definitely an 8 xx You are amazing and can't thank you enough for your moral and friendship.

I would highly recommended you.






I give you a 10/10!!

I love how you always make me feel like I have successfully completed my session with you no matter how hard it is. You know exactly how and what motivates me and I love seeing how my body is changing.

You always explain and help me understand what we are doing, what its going to work and continue to challenge and surprise me with new and different exercises every session.

I love that you are patient, motivational, very easy to talk to and all your focus is on your clients!

I ALWAYS look forward to our sessions.




You are amazing- efficient, kind, firm but fair and you always follow through with what you say. More importantly for me you empathise and listen and lend me your wisdom of "omg I know exactly what you mean, I went through that too" which I can't tell you is so comforting because sometimes you feel like the only person in the world whose body is not behaving the way you want it to! You are SENSIBLE in your approach- your girls health comes first to you. Which is amazing. I am SO lucky to have you as a trainer, coach and friend. You are one of the most decent, lovely, honest and trustworthy people I have ever met. THANK YOU for having faith in me when I don't have it myself.




If you want to transform yourself, I highly recommend Sasho. He has the ability and knowledge, through years of experience as a competitor to get you to your optimum conditioning. Whether you just want to loose weight, or take up the challenge and compete in bodybuilding or fitness model, he is the can do man!




After years of training I considered myself to be quite average. It wasn't until Sasho became my contest preparation coach that I was able to go beyond average and win my first national fitness competition. I am sure that with his help I will keep winning not only nationally but also internationally. I am honoured to be trained by Sasho and I am grateful to him for his honesty, trust and expertise.




Sasho is not only a personal trainer, but a mentor and friend. Sasho has helped me achieve my goals and further. Using his abundance of knowledge and experience, I can confidently say if you have a goal and the desire to achieve it, Sasho can show you how to get there. No matter what level you are at, or goal you want to achieve I highly recommend Sasho.