Customised Training Plans

Carefully designed with your goals in mind.

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You have your dream body goal in mind, but...

You don't know where to start. You're unsure of the exercises you should be doing. How many reps, sets, the right amount of weight to start with. It can be quite overwhelming. That's where we can help!

Our expert coaches at Leisuredome Gym can put together a plan that's easy-to-follow, effective and tailored to your specific goals and training level.

Why? Because no two clients have the exact same goals and training ability. So, there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Training Plans. Rest assured your Training Plan will be completely individualised in all aspects of an effective training program.

Our Process

See what makes our programs highly effective.


Goal Setting

We determine how you would like to transform your body, including your reasons, timeframe and many more important factors.


Fitness Assessment

To reduce risk of injury we cover areas from muscular imbalances, to mobility/stability risks, as well as postural and flexibility issues.


Program Design

Once we've gathered all the info we need, we start putting together a tailor-made program which we believe will deliver you the best results.



Once your program is ready for you to use, we take the time to carefully walk you through the Training Plan, and how to make your workouts more purposeful.


Check Ins

To ensure you're progressing through the program efficiently and effectively, we follow up with all our clients at regular intervals.


Program Review

In order to prevent any progress plateaus or blockers, and to keep you on track to hit your goals, we can tweak your program to facilitate this.