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It starts with you and your goals.

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So what are your dream body goals?

Let's face it. We all have to start somewhere and taking that first step towards attaining your dream body can often be the toughest. So, if you’ve had enough of just “thinking about it” and you’re ready to take action then we’d be so happy to help you!

Just remember: you’re not alone!

Everyone has their own starting point and goals. Whether it's losing fat and toning up, gaining strength and muscle, following a structured training plan, or (for you ladies) bringing back that pre-baby body we'll know exactly how to help you. In addition, we gladly work with clients who are interested in competing in fitness shows, whether it’s in the Bikini, Fitness or Bodybuilding division.

Are you new to any of this and either don’t know where to start, or find it a little intimidating or overwhelming? It's all good: we’re here for you!

What can we Help you with?

Here are just some of the ways we've helped our clients.


Fat loss & Toning

We know that this can be a real challenge for so many of us out there. Losing those last 5 kilos and wanting to feel more toned all around is a very common goal. Like many of our clients, you too can have well-shaped and toned arms and legs with a customised structured plan. So please don’t hesitate to come and talk to us!

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Muscle Gain

We get it. Putting on size can be difficult for some. You've spent hours in the gym doing gruelling workouts, with not much to show for it. You seem to be eating all the right things but now you're convinced that you're just a "hard gainer". It feels like you're just spinning your wheels right?

Not a problem. We've helped out plenty of clients in that area because we know what works. Let's put a solid plan together to help you get there!

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Sport/Job Specific

Are you looking to increase your fitness for a specific job that you do or sport you play? Are you preparing to run in a major sporting event? Do you need to increase your strength or stamina in order to perform your role better at work? Do you need to pass a beep test or any type of fitness test for the army or police force?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we can provide you with a step-by-step plan to get you fit enough for it. We will have a great understanding of your work or sporting needs and can train you specifically for any of those.

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Competition Preparation

We are known for preparing high quality competitors in second-to-none condition.

Sasho and Paula will ensure you have the tools and guidance you need to get you from where you are to where you need to be in your best condition. We provide training programs, meal plans, monitoring, peak week preparation, assistance with posing, organising costumes and tanning.

Our clients are well looked after. You need only check out their testimonials about their positive experiences.

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